Connecting to an account

In order to connect a user to your Application to allow you execute API calls on their behalf, you will need to go through the following steps.

1. User Approval

Starting on a page on your site, the user will be sent to the /authorize endpoint.

2. Application Connection

Once on the authorize page, the user will be prompted to connect their Streamlabs account to your application for API access to their account.


3. If Declined

The user will decide to approve access or to decline. Regardless of their selection, they will be sent back to the redirect_uri for your client along with an authorization code or an error. Authorization codes expire after 5 minutes and are of one time use only, so you should exchange them immediately for an access_token and refresh_token as outlined in the next step.

4. If Approved

If the user approved access, take the code parameter and use the /token endpoint to receive an access_token and refresh_token.