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Get Started

Posting donations

This example will run you through a quick start for getting the donation details for your users.

1. Setup your workflow

We already assume that you have traversed through Getting Started and are now all ready to to hit the api! Visit the /donations page to get a snippet of the code you need for your favorite programming language, to get the API to return donations. Here is an example written in Python.

import requests

url = ""

querystring = {
  "message":"I love Fishsticks!"
  "identifier":"[email protected]",

response = requests.request("POST", url, params=querystring)


This will post the donations to the defined user above.

2. Enjoy

Our recommend limits are 2 post requests per minute per user. Enjoy!

Updated 4 years ago

What's Next

The next example in line is about triggering alerts, check it out now!

Triggering alerts

Posting donations

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