Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Streamlabs API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Upgrading From v1.0

Why do I have to re-register my application?
We recently upgraded our API infrastructure to a newer version which includes critical security improvements and performance upgrades. As part of the migration process, we'll be disabling access to the old version of the API to ensure that the most secure, performant technology is available to all Streamlabs users. During this process, re-registration will be required for all existing users, but to expedite the application process we'll flag your account as "pre-approved" to ensure a smooth and easy migration process.

What changes do I need to make to use v2.0 in my application?

  • In v2.0 access token cannot be passed as a query param. It can only be accessed through a Bearer Authentication Header.
  • To make the transition as smooth as possible, all api endpoints can be consumed exactly as they were in v1.0 with the only change being the api version. For instance is now


We have tried to make the Streamlabs API as smooth as possible for you to setup. You can access various aspects of a user's Streamlabs account and even trigger custom alerts!

You can get started with the Streamlabs API in three simple steps.

  • Register your application
  • Connect user(s) to your account
  • Use your access_token and execute API calls

So let's dive right in!

What’s Next

Next we can jump right into registering your application with Streamlabs. If you wish to setup OAuth 2 before registering your application, feel free to follow the page below.